Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Summer Painting!

This painting is inspired by the magical, summer nights of my childhood. Fairies were a big part of it. ^_^ We had a fairy ring in our woods; on warm, summer nights, my sister and I would sneak around the dark forest's edge trying to get a peak at the fairies frolicking at their parties around their tiny bonfires. Such magic in the air during those summer nights long ago.
This painting is called "Summer Night Magic". She frolics with the fairies as they crown her queen. I will be listed on Ebay today.

<3 Laura Beth


  1. Well you've been busy Laura. I bet your Dad likes the fairy painting.

  2. She's lovely, a magical moment.

  3. She is just beautiful....
    Such a fantastic memory of the magic of childhood...

    I'd love to do a trade of original art sometime....I create something for you and vice versa, if you're ever feeling up to it :)

    I would adore looking at one of your creations everyday!


  4. You make me realize I shall never stop believing in fairies.
    There is a gentle sensitivity to all your creations.
    Just exquisite.



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