Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Paintings!!!

Here are my new paintings. I guess I had a period of liking stripes and the color gold. lol The first one is called "Honey Child". She is a child of nature and a honey collector; she certainly has a way with charming the bees. No suit required. It is on a 9x12 canvas that I stretched myself. The golden hues make me think of summer at its hottest.
The second painting is called "Red Velvet". Sometimes you just have to paint a cupcake. And I definitely had an urge to paint one. Just looked so fun. So here it is...a red velvet cupcake! ^_^ It is on a 6x8 canvas that I also stretched myself.

These paintings will be up on Ebay today.

<3 Laura Beth

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Whimsical Paintings and An Idea

Here are some new Alice in Wonderland paintings. The first one is "Alice" and the second one is "Dinah"(her little kitty). I was going for a somewhat dark-Tim Burton feel with the color palette, Alice's dark eye makeup, and, of course, the black-and-white stripes on the sides. These paintings go great as a pair and will be up on Ebay today.

I had this idea one day to put my art on a useful item, that people could always carry with them. These are little credit card wallets. I printed my artwork on canvas sheets and attached them, along with different patterned fabric, to the outside. I used mod podge as a protectant coat over the outside. It gives the wallets a sheen, but also makes them stiff and durable. The wallets also have stitching detail around the artwork just for fun.
They can hold your cards (with pockets on each side), a photo (a clear pocket on one side), and they are a perfect size for holding your business cards. You could even use them as a gift card holder for someone.
These wallets will also be listed on Ebay later today.

<3 Laura Beth

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth of July Gathering

My sister and I with 2 of our close girlfriends (basically cousins ^_^)
(L2R: Megan, Tara (my sister), Natalie, and me)

Our little cousin Rose with all the big girls ^_^

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We had some rain and gloom at our family party, but we still made it fun. The party was at my Uncle and Aunt's (of Hot Tamale Art Studio) house. Our family always has such a great time together...and so loud. haha

I have some ideas for two paintings that I have sketched out on canvas. They are going to be whimsical, as many of my paintings are. lol I'll be working on those along with 3 other large, commissioned pieces. Should keep me busy. ^_^

<3 Laura Beth