Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Prints ^_^

I've decided to do MINI prints to see how they do. They are on 4"x6" glossy photo paper. I think I would rather do matte, but it's hard to find...maybe if I do bigger prints. They are a cute size for inexpensive collectables. I listed a few on Ebay earlier today. I am thinking about getting an Etsy shop, but I'm not sure what would work better.

Lot's to think about and do. Need to get some paintings done soon! ^_^

<3 Laura Beth


  1. These are wonderful!

    I was reluctant to open an Etsy shop...tried other venues, instead....and am now an Etsy convert! The demographic is exactly the market we artists are looking for!

    I think you could do extremely well there....just keep in mind, it's a slow season right now :) It might be just the right time to get it all set up and iron out any kinks before the Holidays come around?

    ....And while I'm drooling all over your work and leaving a lengthy comment...haha...I might as well see if you'd be interested in doing a trade sometime? :D


  2. Laura, you can get an inexpensive paper cutter and use the matte paper you like. If you get one I will show you a trick to getting a clean cut. I think mine was 9.99.


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