Monday, June 6, 2011

Doing Some Oils Again

"Tea for Two"

It's been a while since I used oil paints...forgot how fun they are to work with, but take FOREVER to dry. The last time I used oils was a little more than a year ago. So here it is! It is my baby, Snickers, drinking out of one of our teacups. I definitely want to do some more oils, maybe even list some on Ebay. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and not too bothered by the Cicadas! UGH!

<3 Laura Beth

I'm also listing some FULL-SIZE prints on Ebay. They are full-8x10.5 prints on 8.5x11 Soft gloss Premium HP Photo Paper.
Here are some of the paintings:


  1. Snickers is adorable in your oil painting.

  2. I really love it Laura Beth, the look on the cats face is priceless! My sister has a cat who adores tea and is forever trying to get into her cup in the morning. I love to work in oil too once in awhile, there is something about the feel of them that nothing else can duplicate!
    Have a great week...
    Tina xo

  3. Wonderful, as always! Looks like we caught him in the act...haha!

    That fairy painting of yours really caught my eye, pretty!


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