Friday, June 17, 2011

New Painting

This one is called "The Cafe". Just decided to try something a little different. This one is in acrylics, but in a more impressionistic style. It is sort of a strange size (about 6.5x8.5) because I stretched some canvas over an old frame. Such a great thing to do with them and very easy!

She is very posh and dressed to a T for her daily visit to the Cafe. She sips her expresso accompanied by a little feline friend.
Anyway... Who knows? This may be the start of a narrative series. ^_^

"The Cafe" will be listed on Ebay this evening.

***I also forgot to mention that I have an Artfire store now. I have some full-size and mini prints in there right now. So go check it out through the link under my banner!

<3 Laura Beth

Monday, June 6, 2011

Doing Some Oils Again

"Tea for Two"

It's been a while since I used oil paints...forgot how fun they are to work with, but take FOREVER to dry. The last time I used oils was a little more than a year ago. So here it is! It is my baby, Snickers, drinking out of one of our teacups. I definitely want to do some more oils, maybe even list some on Ebay. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and not too bothered by the Cicadas! UGH!

<3 Laura Beth

I'm also listing some FULL-SIZE prints on Ebay. They are full-8x10.5 prints on 8.5x11 Soft gloss Premium HP Photo Paper.
Here are some of the paintings: