Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth of July Gathering

My sister and I with 2 of our close girlfriends (basically cousins ^_^)
(L2R: Megan, Tara (my sister), Natalie, and me)

Our little cousin Rose with all the big girls ^_^

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We had some rain and gloom at our family party, but we still made it fun. The party was at my Uncle and Aunt's (of Hot Tamale Art Studio) house. Our family always has such a great time together...and so loud. haha

I have some ideas for two paintings that I have sketched out on canvas. They are going to be whimsical, as many of my paintings are. lol I'll be working on those along with 3 other large, commissioned pieces. Should keep me busy. ^_^

<3 Laura Beth

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  1. There is a strong family resemblance, you look like you could all be sisters.

    Happy 4th of July to all.

    On Fragile Wings


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