Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whimsical Halloween Paintings!

Before we know it this whimsical holiday will be upon us. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the decorating for it. The first painting is called "The Queen of Halloween". Her majesty watches over this haunting holiday with her amethyst eyes; and her crow on her shoulder, eying her shiny jewels, as they often do ^_^. The second painting is called "Black Magic". With a bewitching smile and her black magic fluttering near, she'll always have her way.
These enchanted paintings are up on Ebay right now!

<3 Laura Beth

PS. I relisted these paintings on Ebay for a $0.99 sale!!! ^_^


  1. Those are fabulous!! the first one is my favourite but they are both great, you certainly have a great style to your art!!

    Micki x

  2. These are gorgeous I'm such a fan of your work LOVE those little black fairies on the witches hat! Goregous! :0)

  3. Purple is my fav colour, I just left a comment on saying the same thing. Go check out why!

    I love purple for its sensuality, there's something really feminine, sexy, mysterious and magical with the colour, I think it your painting is oozing all the descriptions above!

    Love your portrayal of the witch and the idea of the Queen of Halloween, the girls are bewitching me as I look at them! Gorgeous girls!

  4. These are beautiful Laura! I looked for your painting (madame butterfly) on ebay tonight, but the results showed "0". Would love to buy one! Let me know!

  5. Hi, great paintings! How do you create the textured paintings shown below?


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