Monday, December 14, 2009

New Painting and My Cat

"Snow Angel"
I have a new painting soon to be on Ebay. Snow angels are always fun to make....but very chilly after. lol
My Kitty
My little feline, Snickers, is never more than three feet away from me (unless he's eating lol). Always curious. Always nagging for my attention. And always in need of petting. What a snuggle bug! So very happy to have this little furry companion. ^_^


  1. Lovely snow Angel! You have a really nice style and a very unique look to your work! I just saw your Dylan Thomas quote! I love Dylan Thomas and grew up in the same city where he lived and wrote alot about. He was born not far from where I lived so I'm very fond of him!!

  2. :D ha ha, your kitty is very BIG :))
    i love cats!

    ps: is that a watercolor painting?

  3. Very sweet painting and very sweet cat too

  4. aw, such pretty pictures taken at your house! Now i'm hungry for those 64 dozen. i think this is the first time i've been to your blog. i clicked on it through tara's, after cris sent me her blog. all your paintings are so cool, too!


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