Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Final Painting for Class

This is my final painting that I did in my painting class. It is a painting of my little cousin, Rosalie, (Hot Tamale Art Studio's daughter) and Punch (Karlee's dog). I did this one from a photo because it was of our choice. I just thought this photo I had would make a good painting...it is very adorable. She sure loves that dog!

I have some other art work in a Flickr slide show towards the bottom of my page. Some from Graphic Design and some from Painting.


  1. Oh Laura that is darling! Punch is perfect!

  2. I tried to comment earlier, but somehow it disappeared. I hope you don't mind that I am showing off your painting on my blog :0. I love it!


  3. Hi there I just found your blog through 'Hot Tamale'. I love your work, it is so diverse, that portrait is gorgeous and your other paintings are so cute, as well as the jewellery. I look forward to following your work! :0)

  4. i found your blog through "hot tamale" also!
    what a lovely piece you got here, congrats!

    ~ mita

  5. Your work is so beautiful! And you have such amazing talent...and you're still so young! Incredible!!! Keep up the great work, chickie!


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