Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Valentine's Painting

"Love Letters"

It's been a while...but here's my new painting for Valentine's. This painting is somewhat of a self-portrait, only in the vintage 40s era. My necklace and pearl bracelet from my boyfriend are present in the painting along with my cuddly feline, snickers, who is keeping me company. I won't be able to spend Valentine's Day with my Valentine this year. But we will be sending letters to each other. Can't wait to visit him in March.
This painting is up on Ebay now!

<3 Laura Beth


  1. Beautiful as always. Hey there's that cat again. Ha.

  2. Aww so sweet, I love how you and your mum both paint your kitty, it is famous worldwide :)

  3. Oh Laura, for being 21 you are such an old soul~ My sweet little cricket who doesn't stray far from the hearth~remember,this time apart from Zack is only a speck in the wonderful rest of your lives you will share together!

    P.S. Snickers is much fatter than that!

    Love, Momma


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