Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What You've missed...

Back to School Tea Party!Above are photos of the "Back-to-School" tea party I had. It was just for my mom, my sister, and me. I have been reading a book series called "The Luxe" and they are always having tea parties so I decided to have one of my own. I made some tea cookies, cream cheese pinwheels and other snacks...and then I picked a spot in the garden and set up a table. It was really fun ^_^. I will definitely have another one soon.

I have not updated my blog in while because I have been busy with classes starting up and commissioned paintings. I am attending Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. I transferred there from Jefferson College, a junior college...so it is my first year at MU. I have two years at MU before I graduate. I am majoring in Graphic Design, so all my classes are geared toward that since I got my General Education classes our of the way in the first two years. I am excited about that part ^_^. The part that is kind of a drag is the 40 minute drive four days a week.

Below are the two commissioned pieces (both16x20) I worked on for the "Siamese Lady". She wanted one to display for each main holiday. She has a blue-point siamese named Sydney and a lilac-point siamese named Siba.
Well that's all I really have for now. Hopefully I can gets some new paintings done this weekend to be listed on Ebay.

<3 Laura Beth


  1. Hi,Laura:-)*

    You painting style is SOooooooooo lovely,just very special and I like it so much!!!

    Wish you whimsical last summer days,my dear friend!-)))*


  2. Awww, these paintings turned out so nice. I am sure she will love them. I want those cookies! Looking forward to Friday! Jennifer

  3. Hey why wasn't I invited to your tea party. Love the Meser paintings.

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  5. How exciting!!! A new University, commissions, and a tea party!!! Love those new paintings they are so cute! And congratulations on starting your new exciting course!! :0) oh and the tea party looks soooooo yummy!!! :0)

  6. Laura!! Hope your having a wonderful summer!!! I love the new work done!!! I'm thinking I might have you do some more themed work for me:D!!!! I love the painting of my Kitties you did!!
    Toodles love


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