Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two New Whimsical Paintings

Here are two new paintings that will be up on Ebay soon. I decided to do some whimsical ones. ^_^ The first one is called "The Owl Maiden" and the second one is called "Oceana". These things inspire me. I love owls, especially barn owls. They are so majestic. And I have always wanted to be a mermaid. I always used to pretend to be one when I was little. Hope everyone is having a bright, summery day!

<3 Laura Beth


  1. Oh, wow! Laura these are amazing. I love the Owl Maiden. Her feathers and jewelry, very neat.

  2. Laura!! I would love to buy both of your paintings!! Will they be available:D I love your work girl!!

  3. I love owls too and your paintings are glorious.

  4. Super beautiful..magical and are a wonderful artist! (Love your music tracks too!)

  5. Beautiful Laura Beth and the owl is just too precious! You captured the perfect mood, slightly spooky but with a touch of innocence, I love it!
    Tina xo

  6. These are beautiful!!!! You are so clever! I love that moon in the background and the mermaid is gorgeous! Lovely work!


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