Sunday, January 24, 2010

New 3D Painting

I decided to do another 3D painting. It's called "A Conversation with the Flowers". This time I added the girl's bow in her hair is a real one. lol ^_^ This painting is up on Ebay already. I also relisted some older ones. Most of the paintings are the ones in the last three giving a second chance to anyone who wants to buy them.


  1. What no kitty on it? So cute and all the flowers look like her.

  2. That´s a real fun piece. Very neat

  3. Such cute painting, I can so see that up in a little girls bedroom!! Too bad I've got two boys ;0) Loving the 3D idea!

    Have you heard of the One world one heart giveaway? If not check out my latest post. Details are on there and be sure to leave a message for a chance to win my giveaway!! :0)

  4. wow you did another great 3d painting!!! :))



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